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Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 is here and we at FreewayCamper have come up with something very special for you: FreewayCamper Lottery

Christmas and Camping

Christmas means time for the family, lots of delicious food, following traditions and enjoying contemplative moments together. But does that always have to be within the four walls of your home? Especially since we have all been at home a lot this year. We at FreewayCamper have a great tip for you and your loved ones 😉

Wildcamping in Germany

Freedom, adventure and starry skies - it all sounds like wild camping! Stay overnight in the great outdoors, surrounded by trees, mountains and lakes far away from others. Wildcamping is seen as a cheap, romantic and adventurous alternative to luxurious campsites. While wild camping is allowed in Sweden and Norway, the legal situation in Germany is somewhat different. We have summarized all the important information you should know about wild camping in Germany!

Book your winter trip flexibly

You want to plan your winter holiday? Even in these turbulent and dynamic times we would like to help you enjoy the anticipation of the beautiful aspects of this season!

Camping with dog: good to know!

Camping with dog is a special way to travel. He is a member of the family and he should have the possibility to be part of the camping vacation.

Camping with dog

Woof, woof! We have a special news for your 4-legged family member! With FreewayCamper dog package there will be no excuse to leave anyone at home, so tight you seat belt as the new camping adventure is coming. 3...2...1... Let’s explore!

Wintercamping: top questions

What can I expect from winter camping?

Free campsites, adventures in the snow and cosy moments with your loved ones.

Camping in every season!

Autumn and winter camping are becoming more and more popular! Autumn walks, snowshoe hikes, fun on the slopes and tobogganing fun offer you a great contrast to summer, beach and sea! In order to make your vacation in a camper a relaxing experience despite the cold temperatures, you need a certain amount of equipment, which we at FreewayCamper of course offer you: Fully equipped campers and additional equipment for your autumn and winter camping adventure!

Camper autumn vacation

Start the autumn vacations active and rested. Use the time for you and your loved ones and travel spontaneously with your FreewayCamper camper.

Top hiking destinations

Are you looking for a great destination for an adventure and altitude? Then grab one of our campers and start your autumn camping in the mountains. Whether it's a trip into the mountains with the whole family, the discovery of unknown, remote places for adventurous recreational hikers or a tour as an experienced hiker on challenging routes, - we have put together exciting hiking trails and destinations in nature for you and your camper.

Camper traffic rules

To be safe on the road with the camper is our first priority. The traffic regulations for campers and motorhomes will help you to achieve this. But what exactly does the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) provide for motor homes? Are there special rules for campers and do you need a special driving license to drive a motor home? We have summarized the most important information about the road traffic regulations (StVO), the list of fines and speed limits for campers.

Oktoberfest Special

The Wiesn is not taking place as usual this year, but Munich has come up with a few ideas to still have a bit of Oktoberfest flair. And also we from FreewayCamper would like to bring a piece of Oktoberfest 2020 into your camper.

Camping & Amusement Parks

Games, fun, excitement and a camper - what could be better? We at FreewayCamper show you the most beautiful amusement parks in Germany, with the right campsite for your camper. How about the Europapark or maybe the Legoland?

Camping despite Corona: The most important travel information

Corona causes many unexpected circumstances in your travel behavior. But with a campervan you can avoid many things, because in times of Corona it is the safest way to travel.

Gourmet tour for campers

Beautiful landscapes, conviviality and wine enjoyment and all this in a camper - we show you the most beautiful hotspots for a pleasure trip with your camper in autumn.

FreewayCamper Roadtrip Songs

It would be so good just to jump into the camper, turn on the music and let yourself drift. Here is the perfect list of road trip songs for you on the road.

Everything you need in a camper

Comfortable like a hotel with the freedom of camping! This is exactly what you can experience with our campers and motor homes. Discover your all-included FreewayCamper package and start your adventure without any packing stress.

FreewayCamper packing list for camping

Traveling with FreewayCamper is so easy - all you need is what you would take with you to a hotel or apartment. So pick up your clothes and grab our packing list with extra tips for your camping trip.

Camping with child: Kids Equipment

Children love adventure - whether in the mountains, by the lake or by the sea - camping with a camper van offers plenty of room for play and imagination for young and old. With our bookable kids equipment, you are perfectly equipped for your family camping trip.

MINI Countryman goes camping

Summer, sun, beach or a road trip through the city? 2020 is the year of camping holidays and our MINI Countryman with roof tent. Smart, compact and full of power - It takes you wherever you want to go with its ALL4 four-wheel drive - no matter is it the city, mountains or sea.

Cooking in the camper

Cooking in the camper - yes or yes? For all camper newcomers who are thinking about cooking in a camper for the first time, we have the perfect solution, which makes it uncomplicated and yet healthy and exciting.

Our campers for families

Whether you prefer a cuddly and compact start to your family adventure, or whether you want plenty of space, comfort and a private bathroom for your trip, or whether you want to enjoy luxury and freedom of movement as a family - FreewayCamper has something for everyone!

Interview on Mother's Day with our founder Julia

For Mother's Day we have prepared a little interview with our founder Julia, who is also a mum and a camping lover. Julia and her two little daughters aged 3 and 5 years spent many nights in a RV, among others in winter at -10 degrees for skiing in Tyrol and in summer at +35 degrees in Death Valley (USA) .

The FreewayCamper parental leave package!

The FreewayCamper parental leave package is here - enjoy your maximum freedom on parental leave, discover the world together and let yourself go! Camping with kids is an exciting adventure for young and old!


In this uncertain period of time it is the most important that you stay healthy and safe. We are always here for you and will support you in getting your freedom. To guarantee your maximal safety in the current situation, we took some additional actions:

Your business trip during corona

Travel safely with your Travel Office Apartment - your home office on wheels.

The FreewayCamper Package "Day Trip" is here!

Experience your unique and intensive time out with your van and many extras - whether you are hiking, walking, mountain hiking, biking, climbing or swimming. With our brand new camper you have the highest driving comfort, a fully equipped kitchen and a cosy outdoor seating area. It also offers a lot of space and stowage possibilities for all your equipment. For your bike our bike rack is included in this package.

Our Inspiration for your FreewayCamper day trip

Rent your van for a day and enjoy the nature! In addition to our Package Day Trip for your unique day trip with FreewayCamper, here are a few ideas to inspire you on your trip

Rent your camper now!

Even in the current situation, there are six very good reasons to rent a camper or RV - tourist trips excluded, of course.

Travelling by camper - a good idea!

The world of holidays & traveling has changed a bit this year, but hasn’t vanished completely. This means we probably won’t be able to do long distance trips, but it is a great chance to explore your own country. Who knows, maybe you will be surprised by landscapes and regions around you? Let the journey begin!

Who we are

We are FreewayCamper, the new rental company with a large selection of new and high quality campers and RVs and a fast, direct and digitalized booking process.

First investment for FreewayCamper

FreewayCamper - the new camping start-up from Munich is completing its first investment round and is bringing the FlixBus founders on board via their investment company SEK Ventures.

FreewayCamper at WERK1

And now some news on our own behalf :-)


FreewayCamper welcomes all subscribers with a gift of 15€. Just sign up and discover new cities, campers and adventures. Special offers and promotions are waiting for you as well. Book your freedom now!