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FreewayCamper starts into the next round!

Our journey continues - we open our second location in Stuttgart. After not even one year we have made it. Thanks to you, our customers and our team.

Have you perhaps already seen Fritzi, our very first VW Bulli? Together with our business developer Olli, Fritzi discovered and opened our location in Stuttgart. Fritzi was our first camper, is part of our founding history and together with our team is driving our expansion forward.

FrewwayCamper neuer Standort Stuttgart

Today we talked to our business developer Olli and he told us a few things about the new location.

Hello Olli, nice that you have time. Why don't you tell us where the new location is?

Hi, today you get a small impression of the new location in Stuttgart! Our station is located in the district Stammheim. Stammheim is the northernmost district of Stuttgart. You can reach us there via the B 10 (Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Ulm) and via the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen junction of the A 81 motorway, as well as by public transport - simply take the U15 underground line.

Why did you choose Stuttgart?

Stuttgart is known for its fine dust, the train station, its Maultaschen and its traffic density 😉 The plan to distribute our campers all over Germany was the first on my list in Stuttgart! The demand and the region shows us that there is a high number of friendly campers here!

Besides, as a Munich resident I am used to the Wiesn, because it is also very unusual. Can I also take a look at something else, namely the Stuttgarter Wasen - let's hope that this will take place in 2021!

What is special about the new location?

I was positively surprised right at the beginning, not only that the landlord invited me for coffee, even though he was long gone on his way home - it turned out that the building has a history in rallying! Some world championships and German championships, was created here on these floors! Great experiences and a very suitable neighbourhood made this choice perfect! I am looking forward to the first camper leaving this area!

Thanks Olli for the great insights and the interesting story about our new location.

FreewayCamper neue Station innen

Some of our campers have already moved and are waiting for you! Are you ready to try one of our brand new campers? Look around and book your freedom!

You can find us here:

Am Wammesknopf 6
70439 Stuttgart

FreewayCamper Stuttgart

Be there - start your adventure and rent your camper both in Stuttgart and Munich.

We are happy to see you.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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