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Have you already planned your Easter vacation and are now unsure about the current travel situation? Although the lockdown in Germany has been extended until April 18, 2021 (as of 03/23/2021) nothing stands in the way of your camping adventure. Our stations are open, most campers are self-sufficient and there are already some countries that open the doors to travelers.

  • Regulations for travel within Germany
  • Which campsites are open?
  • Here you can currently travel!
  • Which camper models are particularly suitable?
  • Measures at our stations

In our blog post "Travel 2021 despite Corona" we have all the latest info for you, so you can travel safely and start the holidays relaxed.

**We want you to have a carefree vacation, but you should still check the official websites to find out what rules apply at your place of residence and destination and what restrictions you can expect. In case of violation of the current rules you have to expect high fines.

Rules for travel within Germany

Although the lockdown has been extended until April 18, 2021, this does not mean that there is a general ban on travel. Holidaymakers traveling within Germany do not have to go into quarantine when returning to their home town. Only when traveling to a risk area outside of Germany is there a testing requirement and a 10-day quarantine requirement, which can be shortened by a negative Corona test from day 5 at the earliest. When returning from virus variant areas, a 14-day quarantine obligation applies, which cannot be shortened by a negative test result. Basically, you can travel almost everywhere in Germany, but campsites are not allowed to accept holidaymakers during this time. In the next point, you will find more information about this.

Which campsites are open?

The subject of camping vacations in times of Corona is very dynamic in the individual states of Germany. However, it is certain that since November 2, 2020, until at least April 18, 2021 (as of March 23, 2021), camping for vacationers is not allowed on campsites or pitches. Only for business travelers some campsites are open. The same also applies to free or private pitches and also over the Easter vacations.

To "restore your driving ability" you are allowed to stop for one night (max. 10 hours) in Germany.

It's better to take your vacation abroad. In the next section, you can find out where you can travel and which countries are currently not at risk.

Here you can currently travel!

Currently there are some countries you can travel to: Switzerland, Spain, Croatia and Sardinia.

Regulations for Switzerland:

  • No quarantine is required upon entry, except from Thuringia.
  • For those entering from a risk area, a negative PCR test is a must
  • Campsites are currently open
  • 5-14 days quarantine when returning to Germany from a risk area

Regulations for Spain:
  • No quarantine is necessary on entry
  • A negative PCR test is a must for those entering from a risk area.
  • Campsites are currently open
  • 5-14 days quarantine when returning to Germany from a risk area
  • No risk areas are: the Balearic Islands, Castile - La Mancha, Extremadura, Valencia, Galicia

Regulations for Sardinia:

  • No quarantine is required upon entry.
  • Negative PCR test for all entrants is a must
  • Campsites are currently open
  • Transit through Italy up to 36h possible
  • No quarantine, as no risk area

Regulations for Croatia:

  • No quarantine is required upon entry
  • Negative PCR test for all entrants is a must
  • 5-14 days quarantine when returning to Germany from a risk area
  • No risk areas are: Istria, Bjelovar-Bilogora and Požega-Slavonia

Information about the countries at a glance can be found here and on the site of the Robert Koch Institute.

Reisen trotz Corona
Self-sufficient campers

Especially advantageous in this time are self-sufficient campers, i.e. those with a fully equipped bathroom incl. toilet and shower, a kitchen, and a self-sufficient energy supply, e.g. via a solar panel, to make your vacation as independent and contactless as possible.

The following of our models offer you this comfort:

Also our vans like the VW Bulli California Ocean and the Pössl Campster as well as our MINI (bookable) are equipped with a kitchen. Besides, you can rent a mobile toilet, an additional cool box, and an outdoor shower from us to make your camping trip even more self-sufficient with these models as well.

Measures at our stations
Cleanliness and disinfection

We thoroughly clean and disinfect our campers. On request, it is possible to make the camper handover/return contactless. In addition, you travel in your own home and can easily keep the minimum distances and travel almost contactless.

Flexible rebooking

To give you maximum flexibility in your booking and travel, we have adapted our cancellation policy to the current circumstances. All trips already booked or booked in the future up to and including 30.09.2021 can be rebooked flexibly. You can find more information in our FAQ.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Directly via the contact form on www.freeway-camper.com, by e-mail info@freeway-camper.com or by phone +49 89 889 970 86 and by WhatsApp via +49 176 416 835 38.

Your FreewayCamper Team

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