E-BIKE - E-Bike XD3 with tent trailer

Your sporty adventure


That's what you get with your camper

Our E-Bike XD3 with microcaravan represents a climate-neutral and sporty way of camping and offers space for up to 2 people to sleep in the inflatable microcaravan. The perfect choice for all camping enthusiasts who love adventure and being close to nature.

The XD3 All Terrain e-bike is equipped with the latest technology and is an absolute all-rounder. The 625 watt battery power and the continuously variable gears ensure maximum riding comfort.

The B-Turtle microcaravan trailer ensures a comfortable and compact camping option. The trailer can easily be inflated to a tent and thus creates a generous lying area (130x210 cm) and additionally an awning with standing height. The pull-out transport tray under the tent offers plenty of storage space.

In the other tabs and in the gallery you will find detailed information about the individual features.

Would you also like a cosy outdoor package? With our additional services, you can create your own individual camping adventure.

Additional Services

To make your camper adventure even more enjoyable and tailored to your needs, we offer a wide range of additional services for your camper rental. For example, special extras for sporting activities or family trips, a drop-off and pick-up service, premium kitchen equipment or a complete all-inclusive package - choose what suits you and your adventure and simply enjoy your time!