Longterm rentals with CamperAbo

Maximum freedom with the CamperAbo at FreewayCamper

For many, a camper symbolises the ultimate feeling of freedom, ideal for taking a break from everyday life. But why should you limit this feeling of freedom to just a few holidays a year?
FreewayCamper camper subscriptions - for a long-lasting and special feeling of freedom.

CamperAbo Winter Special Bulli & Campervan (from 4 months)

The warm summer days are slowly coming to an end and making way for cool and wintry weather. This is the perfect time to grab a FreewayCamper camper van to either start a longer camping adventure or just to have the perfect companion for all winter trips at your doorstep.

The Winter Special is available for VW Bulli Ocean and Campervan models at FreewayCamper stations (excl. Partner stations).

Langzeitmiete Winter Angebot

The CamperAbo Winter Special can be booked directly online from 4 months including 5,000 free kilometers. If your winter adventure should take you further than the included 5,000 km, you can simply book additional kilometers in advance. Another free mileage package (199€ for 1.000 km) can be booked before departure. Beyond that, a price of 0.29 €/km applies for additional kilometers.

Langzeitmiete Winter Angebot Campervan

The CamperAbo Winter Special Campervan also allows you to change the camper model within the term. With this CamperAbo, you can try out two campervan models and find your personal favorite camper. Please indicate your second desired camper and the desired change date directly after booking with our customer service, so that we can immediately ensure that your desired camper is then also available.

Book your CamperAbo Winter Special from 4 months directly online now! You would rather rent your camper for 1 or 2 months only? Then the CamperAbo Classic is the right alternative for you.

CamperAbo Classic (from 1 month)

4 steps to your long-term feeling of freedom

The desire for a feeling of freedom and a constant FreewayCamper companion cannot, of course, be limited to the winter months, which is why our general CamperAbo offer remains in place.

Simply put together the ideal package for you with these few steps and enjoy your newly acquired freedom:

FreewayCamper Langzeitmiete

Step 1: Choose your camper model & time period

FreewayCamper offers a wide range of camper models, each with its own special features. Choose your ideal companion at the monthly prices shown. For a long-term rental of more than 3 months, the monthly prices are discounted, just ask us for personal advice.

Preisliste Langzeitmiete

Step 2: Choose your freedom package

At FreewayCamper, we are particularly keen to cater for different needs. That's why we have developed 3 different packages with corresponding included additional services. Now the only question is - which freedom personality do you have in you: family, business or pure adventure?

FreewayCamper price list long-term rental

Step 3: Choose additional services

Your camper is equipped with the usual FreewayCamper basic equipment and, depending on the theme category, you will also receive certain additional services free of charge. Of course, you can also book any other additional services from our portfolio so that nothing stands in the way of your perfect long-term camper rental! You can find an overview of our basic equipment and all additional services on our additional services page.

Step 4: Book your CamperAbo

The CamperAbo Classic can currently be booked by e-mail or by phone. Please contact us via info@freeway-camper.com or by phone on +49 89 889 970 86. If you have any questions, we are always available via the chat function.


FreewayCamper welcomes all subscribers with a gift of 35€. Just sign up and discover new cities, campers and adventures. Special offers and promotions are waiting for you as well. Book your freedom now!