Long-term rental

Maximum freedom with long-term rentals at FreewayCamper

For many people, a camper symbolizes the ultimate feeling of freedom, ideal for taking a break from everyday life. But why limit this feeling of freedom to a few days of vacation per year?

At FreewayCamper, we are particularly concentrated on addressing different freedom personalities. Therefore we have developed 3 different packages with corresponding additional services:

FreewayCamper Langzeitmiete

Currently, the concept includes the choice between 1 or 3 months duration and the choice of basic or premium long-term rental.

Basis long-term rental
  • Long term rental basic package
  • Including selected additional services in the theme category
Premium long-term rental
  • Bookable from 3 months long-term rental
  • Including selected additional services in the theme category
  • Model Tester: exchange your model during your contract period for any model in our fleet for a maximum of 2 weeks

Our prices for your long-term rental

FreewayCamper price list long-term rental

Here you can find all detailed information about the different theme packages:

The adventurous everyday hero

FreewayCamper Langzeitmiete Adventure

In city life and everyday life the ultimate need for freedom often arises. You can use your FreewayCamper vehicle for everyday life and regularly escape into nature and an adventurous life or simply jet off to unexplored land on a long-term basis. With FreewayCamper nothing stands in the way of this desire.

Camper models: MINI Countryman, VW T6.1 California Ocean, VW T6.1 California Beach, Campervan 540 Basic, Campervan 600 Grand California, Campervan 600 Basic, Campervan 640 Basic

Additional service included: bike rack

The family traveller

FreewayCamper Langzeitmiete Family

Our FreewayCamper campers offer families several ways to get a taste of the outdoors. Whether it is the adventurous road trip during parental leave for several weeks or the everyday vehicle for weekend trips is completely up to you.

Camper models: VW T6.1 California Ocean, VW T6.1 California Beach, Campervan 540 Basic, Campervan 540 Family, Campervan 600 Grand California, Campervan 600 Basic, Campervan 640 Basic, Campervan 640 Family

Additional services included: high chair and camping-cot

The wandering working bee

FreewayCamper Langzeitmiete Business

Many workers spend more time on the road than at their permanent workplace or homebase. It doesn't matter if you are a worker who changes the worksite many times, if your appointments are spread all over the country or if you have decided to live a digital life as a freelancer: FreewayCamper has the right long-term rental camper for you!

Camper models: VW T6.1 California Ocean, VW T6.1 California Beach, Campervan 540 Basic, Campervan 600 Grand California, Campervan 600 Basic, Campervan 640 Basic

Additional services included: pillows, blankets, towel and power station

Overview of our inclusive services for your long-term rental

  • Basic kitchen package
  • Basic outdoor package (aluminium table + 4 camping stools)
  • Drive-up wedges, electric cables
  • Bed sheet and molleton overlay
  • Additional content services depending on the topic group
  • Kilometres included: 2.500 km/month
    +1.000 km/month for 199 €/month (optionally pre-bookable in advance)
    +0,29 € per additional kilometer (if exceeded)
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with 1.500 € deductible
  • Intensive briefing, consultation and exchange of experience

Of course, any additional services from our portfolio can be booked as well, so that nothing stands in the way of your perfect long-term rental in your camper!

Overview of the FreewayCamper additional services

  • Pillows, blankets, sheets and towels for adults and child(ren) | 29 €
  • Camping baby high chair (up to 25 KG) | 19 €
  • Camping cot (0-4,5 years) | 29 €
  • Child car seat | 29 €
  • Back child carrier (Kraxe) | 29 €
  • Premium kitchen package*** | 29 €
  • Premium outdoor package (high quality bamboo table + 4 comfortable camping chairs) | 29 €
  • Bicycle carrier (for 3 bikes & incl. trailer coupling) | 5€/day
  • Bicycle carrier (for 4 bikes & incl. trailer coupling) | 7€/day
  • Trailer hitch | 3€/day
  • Dog service fee including dog package free of charge | 99 €
  • Mobile camping toilet | 29 €
  • Additional insurance (e.g. travel cancellation or reduction of deductible) | 9-14 €/day
  • Cleaning package inside | 49 €
  • Cleaning package outside | 49 €
  • Extras for winter camping (available in the winter months or on request)

Here we go!

With these few steps you can simply put together the ideal package and enjoy your newly acquired freedom:

  • Which appeals to you more: the one-month trial period or the three-month freedom?
  • Which freedom personality is in you: family, business or pure adventure?
  • Which vehicle model will be your new exciting companion?
  • Have you been packed by curiosity and would you like to test another model? Then choose our premium package.
  • What additional services can we offer to make your adventure even more unique?

The long-term rental can be currently booked by e-mail or by phone. Please contact us directly via the contact form on www.freeway-camper.com, via e-mail info@freeway-camper.com or by phone at +49 89 889 970 86 and via WhatsApp at +49 176 416 835 38.


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