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Can I book and cancel flexibly in the current period?

In order to give you maximum flexibility in your booking and travel, we have adapted our cancellation conditions to the current conditions. All trips that have been booked or will be booked till 28.02.2021 can be flexibly rebooked:

  1. If you cancel up to 30 days before the start of your trip: 70% of your booking costs will be fully refunded and 30% of your booking costs (= amount of the deposit) will be converted into a voucher that can be used for your next booking and travel until 31.12.2021.
  2. If you cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the start of your trip, you can flexibly rebook your current booking for a booking and trip until 31.12.2021 and without additional costs.

These special regulations are a supplement to our T&Cs for a booking and travel until 28.02.2021.

If you have any questions or if you wish to change your booking, please contact our customer service at info@freeway-camper.com or +49 89 889 970 86.

How safe are the campers and RVs at FreewayCamper?

To protect you as much as possible in the current situation we have taken the following precautions:

  • Deep cleaning and additional disinfection of all vehicles
  • On request: contactless vehicle handover and vehicle introduction via video telephony

Why can I currently rent a camper or RV?

Yes. For business trips we offer flexible short-term rentals from 2 nights with unlimited kilometres including breakfast. Details can be found here: Business Trip during Corona.

We also offer long-term rentals. For detailed information please contact our customer service at info@freeway-camper.com or +49 89 889 970 86.

What is the minimal age to book a camper?

Young drivers under the age of 23 years can book and drive our campers. It is mandatory that you own your class 3 or class B driving license at least for one year. For young drivers special conditions for deposit and insurance apply.

How many drivers are included in the price?

The number of additional drivers is unlimited. They must be registered in full and in person upon hand-over of the camper at the latest. Each driver has to identify him/herself in person with an official ID-Card or Passport and their driver's license in person.

What is the minimal rental period?

The minimal rental period is independent of the model three nights at any season. Exceptions are our day trip packages (Package Day Trip and Package Day Trip Plus).

Is there a mileage limit?

With FreewayCamper you can drive as far as you want - all kilometers are included.

Which insurance provides Freeway Camper?

In whole Europe you are backed by our comprehensive insurance with a deductible of 1.500€. Furthermore, the europe-wide 24/7 roadside assistance is included, so you can jump start your adventure without any worries. Through our partner Europ Assistance, we offer additional packages, such as a travel cancellation insurance or a reduction of the deductible. You can perform the booking of the insurance packages after completion of the camper booking here.

Special features for young drivers: you are under 23 years of age and have had your driving licence for at least one year with an unrestricted driving licence? Then you are welcome to rent one of our campers with the addition of full insurance cover (Camper travel cover for campers and caravans, variant 1).

Are dogs allowed on board?

Yes, some of our campers are specially reserved for a trip with your pet. Please let us know at your booking if you want to take your dog. We expect that the campers will be returned at the end of the trip properly cleaned. Otherwiese an extra cleaning fee applies according to our expenses. For taking your dog, we charge a one-time service fee of 99€.

Is it worth camping with kids?

Absolutely! For children and families traveling and living in our camper is a wonderful and exciting adventure. You are flexible and (almost) always enjoy the nature an the fresh air, you have all your important things always around you and discovering the world just becomes so easy! In most models, you have extensive space to store clothes, toys and other important things for life and travel. Also for your cuddling, playing and reading time indoors you will always find the right spot in our campers. With our extras for families such as the additional kitchen equipment,high chairs or child seats you can free your mind and just start your vacation right away. Enjoy your common freedom in the nature and your intense time as a family. That are the best memories for both - the small and big ones :-).

For special parential leave packages just get in touch with us.

To a place where I can my Camper hire or pick up and return?

Currently you can pick-up and return your camper only in Munich. We offer you a collection and delivery service in Munich and in the district of Munich for a small fee. Pick-up and return of the camper at the airport can be also agreed for a fixed fee.

Can I return my camper at a different location?

We currently do not offer one-way rentals.

Are there long-term discounts?

For rentals over 28 nights, we like to make you an individual offer. For your parential leave in a camper we have very special offers, particularly outside the peak travel season - contact our customer service for an individual offer

Which countries can I travel with my camper?

You can travel with your camper within the geographical borders of Europe and non-European areas which belong to the European Union (EU). The contract area in which the camper may be used, includes the territory of the European Union, Great Britain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Andorra, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia (without Kosovo), Montenegro. Outside these borders the driving insurance (particularly the comprehensive cover) offers no coverage. Please contact us in advance if you would like to travel to other countries and territories than just described. In some cases it is possible to extend the insurance coverage according to our written consent.

Which models can I rent at FreewayCamper?

We offer different campers for your journey - from the small stylish MINI with roof tent to the fully equipped appaartment on wheels! You can find the latest overview of our models here.

What does a camper cost?

Our prices are differing depending on the model, season and availability. Just check your favorite model and your desired time period and you will get immediately on offer.

With a bit of luck you will even find our starting price of 29€/night

What kind of equipment has my camper?

The equipment may vary by model. Our basic equipment includes a basic kitchen package, a protective cover and fitted sheet, levelers, cable drum and our safety package (first aid kit, fire extinguisher, gas detectors (excl. MINI), smoke alarms (excl. MINI)). The particular model features and all other bookable extras can be found on the individual camper-detail pages.

Which Camping equipment can I book as an extra?

We offer a variety of other extra services and equipment for your journey: from a mobile MINI kitchen, a premium kitchen package, high chairs, child seats for all ages to a mobile camping toilet. A detailed overview of these and many other extras can be found here.

How many sleeps does my camper have?

The number of sleeps depends on the model: the MINI offers you two, the other models up to 5 sleeps. For more details just check out our camper-detail pages.

How many seats does my camper have?

All our camper models provide seats for 4 people, our Pössl Campster even 5. For more details just check out our camper-detail pages.

Do all campers have a bike rack and how much does it cost?

You can book a bike rack for 5€/day. Please indicate in the booking process if you need a bike rack. Our bike racks offer 3-4 bike spaces.

What are the maximum costs of a bike rack?

The maximum price is 99€ per rental.

How can use child seats in my camper?

You can use any child seat in our campers and secure it with 3-point-belt.

Is there a trailer hitch?

Yes, most models have a trailer hitch as standard equipment. If you need a trailer hitch, let us know about it during your booking process.

When will include a long-term rental?

For rentals over 28 nights we will provide an individual offer for you. For your parental leave in the camper we have very special offers, especially outside the peak travel times - contact our customer service for an individual offer.

When do I have to pay for my booking?

For bookings of 60 days or more before the start of your travel, a deposit of 30% of the rent is due in the moment of booking. The outstanding balance has to be paid not later than 45 days before the start of the rental period. If the period between booking and start of renting is less than 60 days, you pay the full rental price in the moment of your booking.

How can I pay for my booking?

FreewayCamper offers you following payment methods: PayPal, credit card payment (VISA / MasterCard / Amex), SEPA Direct Debit and cash payment in our store.

How can I change or cancel a reservation?

You can change and cancel your reservation by contacting our customer service via phone (+49 (0)89 889 970 86) or email (info@freeway-camper.com).

Can I change the booking period prior to departure?

In general, it is possible to change your travel period, as far as your camper or a similar model is available in the requested period. For changes made less than 30 days before departure a fee which doesn't exceed the cancellation fee applies. An extension of the reservation is free of charge. In case of modification or extension of the journey, the current daily rates will be applied. Contact our customer service for a specific offer.

What is the cancellation policy of FreewayCamper?

Cancellations performed at least 60 days prior to the pick-up date will be charged with 10% of the total rental price. If a cancellation is performed 30-59 days prior ti the pick-up date, a fee 40% of the total rental price eill be applies. For cancellations 15-29 days prior to departure date, the cancellation fee is 70% of total rental price. For a cancellation within 14 days before the start of your booking, a cancellation fee of 90% of the total rental applies. If the camper is not picked-up at the agreed time without any notice of the tenant, the rental price will be fully retained.

Can I cancel already booked equipment?

It is not possible to cancel already booked equipment.

How much is the deposit-payment?

The deposit is 1.500€ for all campers. For young drivers under 23 years the deposit is 2.500€.

When is the deposit due and how can it be transfered?

You can pay the deposit on the pick-up date via credit card (the amount will be only blocked, not charged) or the transfer the deposit no later than 7 days before to the following account:

FWC - FreewayCamper GmbH

IBAN: DE85 7004 0048 0793 7857 00


Usage: your booking number and booking period

What happens to my deposit?

Your deposit amount will be unblocked on your credit card immediately or transfered back to your accout within 14 days if you returned the camper according to our T&Cs.

How do I book a camper - step by step guide (follows)

When and where can I pick my camper?

Pick-up is at our rental office in the Tegernseer Landstr. 268, 81549 München. We also offer a pick-up and drop-off service of the campers in Munich (79€/trip) and in the district of Munich (by arrangement). A pick up and delivery of the camper at the airport is also possible by arrangement (129€/trip).

The campers are available at 3 pm for collection. Earlier pickup is available upon request at an additional cost.

What documents do I need to pick my camper?

For pick-up driver's licences and ID-Cards of all drivers have to be presented in person

What are the opening times of the rental location and can I use my camper on Sundays or public holidays to pick up and deliver?

Our station is opened Mon-Sun 8am-8pm. Individual pick-up and drop-off times outside the opening hours can be agreed individulally upon availability for an addional charge.

Can I park my car at FreewayCamper?

This is not possible yet.

How is the pick-up of the camper organized?

You will pick-up a fully fueled and cleaned camper incl. one set of keys. You will receive a detailed instruction for all important functions and equipment of your camper. Of course, you can place all your open questions during the hand-over. There is a handover protocol where the current condition of the camper and the booked extras are registered. Please remember to show your identity documents (ID-Card or Passport) and driver's licenses of all registered drivers at the handover. Plan for the handover about 45-60 minutes. If you should have lots of questions, also more time :-)

For me as lessee - what should I focus on during the handover process?

On the camper detail page you can find the most important information about your camper. During the handover - let you explain the camper exactly and don't hesitate to ask if you need further clarification or information. It is important that you feel confident when dealing with your camper and its equipment. With that you can start relaxing wimmediately with the departure. Go through the handover protocol with us in detail . We are always there for you to ensure a fully comfortable feeling with your camper.

Who will pay the fuel?

With the handover your camper is fully fueled - make sure that with the return of the camper the tank is also full, otherwise we will fill it for you and charge you according to our T&C.

Who pays the tolls?

The respective toll fees on your journey must be paid by you as lessee. Note: Check before your travel the toll regulations of the respective countries you plan to visit. In some countries you have to pre-register for the usage of ferries, highways and toll roads.

Through which countries can I travel with my camper?

You can use your camper within the geographical borders of Europe and in non-European areas belonging to the European Union (EU). The territory in which the camper may be driven is the territory of the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Andorra, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia (without Kosovo), Montenegro.Outside these limits, there is no insurance cover in motor vehicle insurance (in particular comprehensive cover). If you want to use the vehicle in other countries and areas, a prior written consent of FreewayCamper is required. In this case, FreewayCamper undertakes to provide an appropriately extended insurance cover with additional costs for the lessee.

I want to book a ferry - What is there to consider?

Book your ferry in advance. Please check the length of your camper on the camper detail page. As license plate, please enter "Rental Car" at. If you use the bike rack, you must also consider the addional length of 1m when booking the ferry.

Can I extend my trip after booking start spontaneously?

If your camper is available after your drop-off date you can extend your trip according to the respective daily rates. Please contact our customer service to check the availability.

What do I do in case of damage?

In case of a breakdown or malfunction of your camper, please contact the insurance for the roadside assistance service. In the case of an accident, you have to inform the local police. In addition, you need to report every breakdown, damage and any accident immediately to the FreewayCamper customer service. All important contact details of the insurance and customer service you will receive at the pick-up. Following an accident a standardized European Accident Report on site must be filled, signed by all parties involved in the accident and handed over to FreewayCamper - for details, please see our Terms and Conditions.

What do I do if something is damaged or broken in the interior of the camper?

Inform us immediately if something is broken or damaged in the interior of the camper, no matter if it was your fault or not. As far aspossible, we will help you directly with the solution of the issue or a recommendation of a corresponding workshop. In the same moment we take care of organizing spare parts so that the campers can be repaired quickly.

Who is liable for offenses during the rental?

For any fines (e.g. speeding or wrong parking) or criminal offenses, you are liable as a lessee of the camper with unlimited liability for the resulting costs and fees. In case of an data request we will provide the lessee's data to the respective authority.

Does FreewayCamper charge a fee for processing the offense?

Due to the significant efforts and expenses for processing the authorities request, we charge an administration fee of 50€ if there is an administrative offense. This is independent of the amount of the fine.

Are the cost of the fines already included in the administration fee or do I have to pay for it on top?

No, the fine must be paid regardless of the administration fee directly to the authority.

I did not commit the offense, the vehicle was never at the resoective scene. What shall I do?

Please file an appeal at the responsible authority. If your objection is upheld, we will cancel our administration fee.

Are there any special features of traffic tickets abroad?

Please inform yourself before traveling to other countries about specific local legal regulations . You as a lessee are responsible for complying with country-specific (traffic) regulations and the respective timely payment of fines for offenses, tolls and road pricing. These are not part of the contract and have to be paid by the lessee.

Until what time can I return my camper on the drop-off day?

You can return your camper till 11 am. For late returns, an additional fee will be charged according to the T&Cs.

Who takes care about the cleaning of the camper?

You will receive your camper at the handover freshly cleaned and wiped from the in- and outside. If you return it in the same condition, no additional costs are charged. If you don't have time for the interior cleaning, then you return it clean swept and we will take over the cleaning for a fee of 49€. If the camper is heavily soiled on the outside we charge an additional cleaning fee of 49€.

Please also empty the toilet and the waste water tank. The toilet cassette must be completely cleaned before handing over. For emptying these containers by us, we charge a fee of 99€ each.

What else should I know for the return?

For the drop-off your camper should be fully fueled, ready to use and returned at the agreed time (before 11 am) at the agreed location (Tegernseer Landstr. 268, 81549 München). Of course, we can take over fueling for you for a service fee of 30€ + the respective costs for the gas. The (additionally booked) extras are also cleaned on return to hand over to us.

You would like to buy one of our campers?

Then contact our customer service directly at info@freeway-camper.com or on +49 (0)89 889 970 86. Of course you will receive detailed advice on your desired camper model.

What is a 100% carbon neutral travel?

We are campers and nature lovers. Therefore, we compensate for each kilometer and the associated CO2 emissions by a compensatory payment for an ecological project.

Are there diesel driving restrictions for your camper?

The most advanced engine technology (Euro 6d-temp) of our campers ensures a particularly low emissions . Therefore, all of our campers meet the highest emissions standards and therefore are eligible to enter into any European city.

How do I create an account?

For this click on "Register" in the upper right section of our homepage. By creating an account, you can book faster and access your current and past bookings.

How do I get a new password?

Click on "Forgot Password". In the following you will receive a new password onto your e-mail address. Click on the link in the e-mail and enter your new password for the account.

What are the advantages an account?

In your account, you can view and manage all your bookings. Also booking will be even easier. After the log-in you don't have to enter your personal information during the booking process.


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